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25 April 2006 @ 06:00 pm
[[ OOC: Err, hey wussup. :D I'm Dey, and I'll be playing Varon~ Anyone wanna volunteer to be his roommate? ;x Figure I might as well go ahead and post something to try to get this RP movin' again~ ^^; ]]

Varon raised an eyebrow as he stepped inside the school building. The ride here had been eerily quiet, and the school itself was a rather disheartening piece of work. He attempted to keep his spirits high by turning on his mp3 player and imagining that he was in some dumb horror movie.

He wandered through the hallway, examining the area with a confused expression. "This doesn’t look quite like I thought it would." He mumbled irritably, setting one hand on his hip and running the other through his hair.

Varon entered the nearest, unlocked classroom and frowned, examining the bars on the windows. "…that is some LAME crap right there." He declared loudly, wrapping his hand around a bar and tugging on it to test its strength. "Geez, it’s like a…prison or something. Great." Sigh. 'What kind of person would send someone to a place like this, for something as mediocre as getting into a few fights here or there?' Not that there was much of anything "mediocre" about the situations Varon would often find himself in back home. 'Still', he decided, 'this was definitely no way to "set him straight".'

[ tag: ...anyone? ;; ]
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23 April 2006 @ 03:54 am
Attention all members of xluminaryx!
PLEASE START RPING AGAIN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Both this & this post are currently active, and just waiting for you to go and jump in! Feel free to attack the other posts as well! RP over IM! JUST GET IT MOVING!

If you have any questions, complaints, worries, or anything else, please feel free to comment here or email either myself or Nero. We'd be happy to help you out. We just want to get this RP moving again!
Please try your hardest, and pimp this community out at much as you can! ♥

Thank you, and goodnight. ♥
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25 March 2006 @ 10:43 am
[[It's time to try and make this place live again!! XD *holds up resuscitators* BTW I am your new Noa, nice to meet you! ^^]]

Noa twitched as he looked down at his new uniform. What kind of freak made this up! It was so... preppy!

"The couldn't give us cooler looking uniforms?! Or at least have dyed it a different color..." He muttered the last part, oblivious to the odd looks he was getting from the people around him. Talking to yourself is never a good habit to have when walking in a public area.

[[tag: Anyone]]
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27 February 2006 @ 01:59 pm
((OOC: Nero: O_O Gah! LIVE!!!!!!! I meant to post sooner. x_x eeeh.))

Rezi took a seat at the large table with her plate of food, not even sure if she was hungry. The annoying, almost deafening wake up call pretty much did it for her. She slowly poked at her eggs momentarily, her eyes deciding to admire the patterns on the expensive china, and the pure silver forks and knives, engraved with what apparently might've been the school's crest.

"Not hungry?" Mokuba asked her, sitting in the space diagonal to her.

"Eh, just a little." Rezi finally replied, looking at him. "How'd you sleep, kid?"

"Okay, besides the loud alarm. I don't think I'll get used to that." the younger boy replied. Rezi finally took a bite of the food, and her tastebuds seemed relatively pleased so she ate a bit more. She reached for her glass of juice when Yue entered the room with two younger staff members, who could've easily been mistaken for students here.

"Good morning, children!" Yue started, her perkiness just downright creepy, especially to Rezi and Mokuba. "Just wanted to let you know, that starting tomorrow, you'll be required to wear uniform here at Luminary!"

Rezi raised an eyebrow, and her inner self could've died just a little. "With the prison bars on the window, loud alarms, and location in the middle of nowhere, this is no surprise." she mumbled to Mokuba, who nodded in agreement.

"If you look to your left, that's what the girl's uniform looks like." Yue continued, pushing the female forward just a little. She was clad in a navy blue sailor-type skirt, with a light, sky blue short sleeved blouse with the top button undone. On her legs were dark blue knee highs, and on her feet were black colored shoes.

"Variations include the blazer with the school's crest, or a sweater vest. You'll be required to wear these during school hours. The uniform for the boys is pretty much the same, except they'll wear pants." Yue continued on.

"Gee, I feel better." Mokuba mumbled to himself.

"Your classes will start in one hour, and lateness isn't tolerated. Enjoy your breakfast." Yue finished, exiting with the two students.

"Well...that was...cheerful news." Rezi replied monotonously, before eating her food.

"What did you expect?" Mokuba started. "We're in the middle of nowhere. There are barely any houses around this place for miles, and there are bars on the windows. I bet all of the staff here think we're juvenile delinquents or something."

"Point taken." Rezi replied. She and Mokuba glanced around the room, noting that some of the other students were here, and she started to wonder what exactly their parents sent them here for.

"...Why would anyone send their kids here?" Mokuba finally asked. "This place is...depressing and creepy."
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24 February 2006 @ 01:28 am
O_O ZOMG, Live community! We have a Dartz now (yay), and My cousin is debating on signing up to be the insane! headmaster. We're trying to get some production going on here. >> Now if I could just think of the next post. O_O *walks off in wonder*
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01 February 2006 @ 05:01 pm
[[ Eee. 8D;; Trying to get this up and running again! ;; And Nero, I would have posted with the NPC journal, but I can't remember the password to it, so. 8D;; Oh well. ;; Here goes nothing! ; ]]

Yuugi had finished getting ready and had wandered his way into the main hall area, noticing how a few other people were already out, talking amongst each other and making sure they were ready for the day.

Yuugi twitched a bit nervously, sitting down in one of the many random chairs in the room. What to do in the little time he had before classes started... he had no idea.

Although, he did want to talk to Anzu again.


Kisara had also finished up and had wandered out of her room, giving a short 'see you in a bit' to her roomates who were still in the room, before going over to where everyone else was. She chuckled a bit as she watched the black haired girl hug the younger boy, Mokuba, who didn't seem to exicted about said hug.

Sighing, she also sat down in one of the chairs, starting to tap her feet nervously as she waited for the classes to start.

Which she wasn't sure to be worried about or just plain terrified of.
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23 January 2006 @ 02:51 pm
Hi! this is one of your mods reporting! I know this RP is possibly confusing at some aspect, and I don't want it to die because people are waiting for me to post and then comment. Starting now, if you want to continue without me, please read the last post I made and RP from there by posting in this community journal. Everyone and their characters have posting access to the journal, so it should be a piece of cake.

Another thing, if you RP in AIM, please post the conversation in fic format. o.o I don't want you to have to expose your screen name if you dun want anyone else to know it. If you do, fine with me.

Also, since the majority of the priests are currently NPCs and the headmaster, you're free to play them. I'll settle for Yue since she belongs to me. Any other staff wanting to join is okay too.>>

Again, I don't want you guys to have to wait for me, especially when school, finals, and a mathematics tests are looming above me like crazy. Go RP, have fun.
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15 January 2006 @ 02:47 am
Mod person ma'am feel free to delete this if you have to. I'm just curious if this place is still alive. T_T I killed it didn't I?! I'm just curious since there have been days I've been poking away at the computer bored waiting for something to happen.

26 December 2005 @ 03:38 pm
((OOC: XD seeing as how this isn't going to make sense since it's like 3 in the afternoon, let's pretend it's 6:45 am! *shot ded* OMFG, We have the Bakurae! WOOO! Anyways, let me get started. >> *shot again* I hope everybody enjoyed their christmas. WOO!))

The sun was barely visible as Yue entered the small office she spoke from the previous day. Sitting down at the neat desk, she pressed a button sounding a rather loud bell, remotely close to a fire alarm in plain terms.

The sound caused Rezi to shoot up out of bed, eyes slightly widened, ears possibly ringing.

"What the hell!" she blurted, before looking over at the clock. "6:45?! Is this place out of their minds?!" she started, looking around momentarily.

"People are still asleep at this hour!"

"Wake up Children!" Yue started, stopping the bell, to speak. "You are to report to the main hall downstairs so that you can be escorted to breakfast! You have until 7:15 to be dressed and down here! Lateness is not tolerated!"


Kaiba Mokuba on the other hand nearly fell out of his bed at the sound of the bell and was trying to get his heart to stop flying all over the room and come back into his chest. He heard Yue's voice speak about breakfast and about 30 minutes to get dressed and report downstairs. Oh yes, this was fun.

Walking into the bathroom, he proceeded to get washed up and dressed, worrying about his hearing later on.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to this." he mentioned, walking out of the bathroom, and slipping on a longsleeved shirt.

"Well, here goes nothing."


Of course, that damned bell was going to kill Akunadin one day if this continued. Silently he prayed that this would be done for a few more times before the students got the hang of getting up at 6:45 in the morning.

The loud sound was surely a nuisance to the other teachers, he thought, getting up and proceeding to clean himself up and get dressed.

The thought of everybody eating together wasn't too nice for him. He preferred solitude, but with the money he was receiving, being around others would have to do.
13 December 2005 @ 12:00 am
((OOC: O_O OMFG. Sorry about not posting! This is probably a pointless post, but it gives everybody else a chance to sum up their small amount of time at the esate in their journals. More is yet to come, I can assure you, but still! Characters can also reflect on what they left behind. I pardon any errors, I'm being too lazy to check for them.))

Walking toward a small room, which seemed to serve as an office, Yue opened the door and switched on the lights. Pulling out the comfortable leather chair, she switched on a button, grabbing the microphone.

"Boys and Girls, report to your rooms, it's bedtime." she spoke mockingly almost, a small smile gracing her red colored lips.

Rezi looked up, crossing her arms. "What?" she blurted in disbelief. "We have bedtime?"

"Unlike your...previous lives, you will be set to a time schedule." Yue continued over the speaker. "Be prepared to wake up bright and early children! Lateness will not be tolerated here! Our headmaster disapproves of it!"

Mokuba blinked momentarily, shifting lightly. "The headmaster must disapprove of a lot of things..." he started.

"I can only agree with you..." Rezi mentioned. "Let's get going."

With that said, she and the younger Kaiba headed back down the hall, and towards their respected rooms.

"See you in the morning.." Mokuba managed to say, giving Rezi a small wave.

"Likewise." Rezi mentioned, opening the door for her and Maigo.

Meanwhile, Akunadin headed for his own room, preparing for what would possibly be a long first day of classes.

"Please get me through this without me having to sacrifice my other eye, Lord." he muttered to himself.